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Our Mission

The Center for Alternative Fuels is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to supporting the growth of the alternative fuels and advanced vehicle industry. The Center will serve as a major hub of innovation, education, and adoption of alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies throughout Northern California.

Through the provision of a variety of valuable technical services—including a powerful new Fleet Analysis and Optimization process developed by carbonBLU—the Center will help regional municipal and private fleets accurately assess their existing carbon emissions and regulatory compliance; fully understand the economics of conversion to alternative fuels or advanced vehicle technologies; and take concrete steps that will help them measurably reduce emissions, ensure compliance, and save money.

Our Services


Partner with us to deploy and demonstrate new technologies in the field.


Find funding, research and resources to impact your world.


Efficiently identify opportunities for improvement.


We maintain a mobile emissions testing lab and a variety of other testing tools.

Latest Publications

The latest news about the Center for Alternative Fuels and our partners.

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Trusted Partners

This initiative is made possible by the California Energy Commission, carbonBLU, Grant Farm, ECO, Inc and Alternative Fuel Advocates. Our center is one of several distributed throughout California. While each facility is different in nature, we are proud to collaborate with BKI in South Sacramento, UC Berkley, CALSTART, The Center for Sustainable Energy and the E4 Mobility Alliance.

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We are here as your partner to provide you the tools you need to impact the world around you.

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