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Our Story

We are committed to supporting educators, entrepreneurs and communities.

Our mission is to accelerate the development, deployment and adoption of alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technology. The Center for Alternative Fuels  offers a suite of online tools to empower entrepreneurs, fleet users and the public. These tools have been developed by the team at carbonBLU, and Guerrilla Digital.

Headquartered at 222 Judah Street, Roseville, CA our facility can host small board meetings, classes, remote classes, webinars and several teams of entrepreneurs. The space provides ample storage space for those looking to park their projects at our building. Additionally, our team maintains relationships with emissions and engine testing labs all over the region. Additionally, we have a full suite of emissions testing, data collection and analytics tools on hand.

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Kevan Hendrickson
Kevan HendricksonEntrepreneur In Residence
Kevan brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience to the Center for Alternative Fuels. A talented developer and marketing genius, he has managed a variety of exciting projects over the years and we excited to have him on our team.
Sarah Weaver
Sarah WeaverCommunity Manager
Sarah Weaver is not only our talented community manager, she is an experienced entrepreneur as well. Her experience owning her own companies makes her an ideal resource for early stage companies.
Sedale Turbovsky
Sedale TurbovskyGrowth Advisor
Sedale Turbovsky currently serves as managing partner of Guerrilla Digital and CEO of carbonBLU. We are excited to have him volunteer at the Center as a consultant and course tutor.
CAF Assistant
CAF AssistantVirtual Helper
Our virtual helper is available here on our site and on Facebook. Ask questions about Grant Funding, Fleet Optimization, Center Services and anything else you can think of.

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