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Our Story

The Center for Alternative Fuels is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to supporting the growth of the alternative fuels and advanced vehicle industry. The Center will serve as a major hub of innovation, education, and adoption of alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies throughout Northern California.

Through the provision of a variety of valuable technical services—including a powerful new Fleet Analysis and Optimization process developed by carbonBLU—the Center will help regional municipal and private fleets accurately assess their existing carbon emissions and regulatory compliance; fully understand the economics of conversion to alternative fuels or advanced vehicle technologies; and take concrete steps that will help them measurably reduce emissions, ensure compliance, and save money.

Equally as important, the Center will provide innovators and technology companies the resources and connections they need to develop and demonstrate their technology. Access to technical experts, demonstration projects and funding will all be facilitated at the Center for Alternative Fuels.

This initiative is made possible by the California Energy Commission, carbonBLU, Grant Farm, ECO, Inc and Alternative Fuel Advocates.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the development, deployment and adoption of alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technology. The Center for Alternative Fuels  offers a suite of online tools to empower entrepreneurs, fleet users and the public. These tools have been developed by the team at carbonBLU, and Guerrilla Digital.

Headquartered at 222 Judah Street, Roseville, CA our facility can host small board meetings, classes, remote classes, webinars and several teams of entrepreneurs. The space provides ample storage space for those looking to park their projects at our building. Additionally, our team maintains relationships with emissions and engine testing labs all over the region. Additionally, we have a full suite of emissions testing, data collection and analytics tools on hand.

Join Us!

Currently we are looking to fill several positions on the Center for Alternative Fuels team.

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