Center for Alternative Fuels Crowdfunding & Community

Center for Alternative Fuels Crowdfunding

The Center for Alternative Fuels is pleased to announce the launch of our crowdfunding platform. This unique platform will highlight alternative fuels and advanced vehicle projects, as well as any project related to sustainability and renewable energy. We are pleased to offer these resources free of charge to entrepreneurs and innovators from all over the United States who are working to impact the industry and change the world.

As a special offer, our first 100 projects will receive 100% of all funds donated to them through this platform. We encourage students, inventors, investors and the public at large to join our growing community and become a project backer or creator. Technology is evolving at an amazing pace. We don’t yet have the technologies to address the climate, health and social challenges we are facing. However, we have full confidence that the brilliant minds and outstanding work being developed now will hold the keys to creating a world that is sustainable and able to support us all.

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Community Benefits

California is a very big state. At times it has been hard to coordinate and work cohesively in the best interested of our shared economy and land. In our journey to becoming a 501(c)3 non-profit The Center for Alternative Fuels has connected with an incredible group of inspiring and wonderful people and organizations. We are truly standing on the shoulders of giants and we are committed to supporting our network of partners and contacts. One of the wonderful things about this virtual hub is that it allows us to visualize and explore connections that are not part of our daily conversation.

We hope you will sign up and take advantage of the wonderful networking opportunities that are present here. We have drawn bridges and new lines of communication that have never existed. The Centers for Alternative Fuels collaboration is the beginning of a rich community of people passionate about sustainability, job growth, innovation, and positive change. Currently, we have several options to join including becoming a backer or project creator here or joining our LinkedIn group.

Contributions of content or requests to present via our webinar platform can be submitted by clicking below:

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