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The Center for Alternative Fuels is pleased to announce that through a generous donation from Google we have an online education platform. Our goal is to enhance individuals and organizations ability to provide sustainability training, technician training and professional development classes for fleet managers and sustainability professionals. This free resource is available to educators, non-profits and other organizations looking to create positive change in their organizations.

If you are interested in seeing how this platform can impact your efforts please connect with our team by emailing our programs manager Joe Ravenna:

If you are interested in viewing a course catalogue for the 2017 year please sign up here and you will receive notifications as more information becomes available.

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Professional Development for Transportation Professionals

Through our relationship with the Cerritos Community College Foundation,  carbonBLU (a major partner of ours) is providing professional development courses in the areas of asset management, fleet optimization, and regulatory compliance. The initial classes have received great reviews and we will be putting on additional classes across the state. If you feel you or your team could use some enrichment in the following areas please reach out to the carbonBLU head of strategic partnerships Tony Chang at:

Asset  Management: Economic Impacts of Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Discover best practices and investment techniques for monetizing Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles. Attendees will learn how to accurately calculate and maximize return on investment for alternative fuel and advanced technology assets. This workshop will emphasize the importance of investment and financial planning as it relates to asset management and acquisition

Fleet Optimization

This training will focus on several aspects related to optimizing overall fleet operation. carbonBLU has developed a unique approach for analyzing and optimizing fleets that is driven by economics and empirical evidence. Students attending this workshop will delve into labor productivity and preventative maintenance issues as they relate to fleet optimization. carbonBLU focuses on approaching, understanding and addressing optimization issues through collection and analysis of data. We focus on developing systems and programs that holistically address the concerns of a particular organization.

Regulatory Compliance

Attendees to this workshop will come away well versed in the intricacies of the regulatory world as it relates to CARB and the EPA. Students will participate in detailed analysis of relevant regulatory programs, exemptions, paperwork filing and management processes. Additional time will be spent exploring regulatory agency workflows, regulation forecasting, and how to handle enforcement actions.


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