Fleet Optimization

The Center for Alternative Fuels is dedicated to implementing the concept of fleet optimization. We leverage methodologies developed at CarbonBLU in order to provide education and raise the general visibility of alternative fuels.

What is Fleet Optimization?

Fleet optimization is the process of increasing efficiency, reducing operating costs and achieving regulatory compliance. These goals are reached by implementing facility upgrades, purchasing alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, converting existing vehicles to alternative fuels, installation of fueling infrastructure, driver training, route optimization, telematics, and fleet reduction programs. We manage the activities of our network of service providers as they work with our client fleets to implement the optimization strategies outlined by the Fleet BLUprint. CarbonBLU provides fleets with, and manages implementation of economically and environmentally sustainable business strategies.

How Do We Do It?

CarbonBLU software empowers fleet managers to purchase the right vehicle for the job, integrate alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technology into fleet operations, and even improve energy use at their facilities. Our propriety analytics tools allow us to expedite the process of understanding and analyzing fleet operations while identifying areas of potential improvement.
Combining these tools with our experienced staff, Carbon provides an assessment of fleet operations by taking snapshots of significant fleet characteristics, analyzing the data, viewing all compatible solutions, and implementing the most cost effective and environmentally beneficial options identified. Our project managers use these modeling and analytics tools to create a specific plan that addresses all of the issues facing a fleet.