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Fleet Analysis

Apply for complimentary fleet analysis. Currently eligible fleets must have their base of operations in Northern or Central California.

You can visit the resource library for some sample fleet analysis reports and case studies.

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Grant Tracking

Find funding for your projects, technology or community development efforts. Sign up for access to our grant tracking system.

Currently our grant tracking system allows you to simply view and search various funding opportunities. However, we are currently seeking additional funding to develop a much more interactive and useful tool. Learn more by following this link:

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Online Classroom & Resource Library

Access an online library of resources to aid you in development of a sustainable fleet, new transportation technology or anything in between. We have a carefully curated digital library, which is free to access. It is full of useful whitepapers, research papers, congressional reports and everything in between.

We also provide online education resources to educators and other non-profits. If you are looking for a way to host online courses or better distribute your curriculum, please contact us.

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cSix Labs

cSix Labs is our name for the software and innovation side of the house. Our team works development gov tech and other innovative software and technology solutions for startups and government agencies. Our consultants are ready to provide you with insights and support as you develop your unique solutions to solve transportation and vehicle technology problems.

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Department of Energy Tools

The Alternative Fuels Data Center offers a large collection of helpful tools. These calculators, interactive maps, and data searches can assist fleets, fuel providers, and other transportation decision makers in their efforts to advance alternative fuels and energy-efficient vehicle technologies.

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