Introducing The Center for Alternative Fuels

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The Center:

The Center for Alternative Fuels will serve as a major hub of innovation, education, and adoption of alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies throughout Northern California. Through the provision of a variety of valuable technical services—including a powerful new Fleet Analysis and Optimization process developed by CarbonBLU—the Center will help regional municipal and private fleets accurately assess their existing carbon emissions and regulatory compliance; fully understand the economics of conversion to alternative fuels or advanced vehicle technologies; and take concrete steps that will help them measurably reduce emissions, ensure compliance, and save money. Equally as important, the Center will provide these fleets with tools that will enable them to accurately quantify and validate many of the benefits of conversion, including improvements in ambient air quality, reductions in carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions, petroleum displacement, and ROI.

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Fleets will be able to log in, and upload or input data on their operations, and receive back analysis on their fleet, regarding the best options that exist for them to reduce spending. These analyses or BLUprint briefs will take into account fuel spending, efficiency factors and available commercial solutions.
Our analytics platform will allow fleet managers, interested citizens or motivated employees to analyze bathes or whole fleets, in an efficient and automated manner. The BLUprint brief is not a solution to a problem but instead is an accurate and efficient way to start the conversation. Users can jumpstart their research into alternative fuel options by accessing the fleet analysis tools we have developed.

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The Center for Alternative Fuels will be home to an innovative and ambitious data collection project. Our unique hand raising system will allow for interested groups to submit projects and ideas, as well as make requests for funding from the regulatory agencies. We have developed this platform as a way for you to communicate individual needs to the government and technology providers. Additionally we hope to be able to collect enough data to express collective needs of industry segments and sectors in order to develop effective spending plans and funding strategies.